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Your Help Matters!

Every Donation Matters!
What do you want your donation dollars to accomplish? If you are like most people, you want to know that your donation directly impacts the lives of people who need it the most. Chances are, you feel best if you know those recipients are people close to you—your neighbors, or those whom you may encounter in daily life.

You can feel assured that both are strong possibilities with the dollars you give to Mid-County United Ministries. We are local, serving five zip codes in central Montgomery County, MD. We assist people who live and work within a short distance of our office in Wheaton, and who could very well be someone living and working close to you.

And the impact is direct. The food we distribute, the funds we use to prevent evictions, utility cutoffs and to provide medications are allocated to individuals and families who are in emergency situations. Rather than support permanent assistance, your dollars make a difference until that family or individual can gain better footing in their situation. Your dollars help people from falling into deeper distress.

Lastly, most of us give because we want to experience appreciation, and we like to know that there are people who feel gratitude for what we have done. If only you could visit the the food pantry, or stop by our MUM office when an assistance check is written! The thank-you's, sometimes accompanied by tears of joy, would reveal how you've helped those around you.

Yours for making a difference,

Larry White, Executive Director
Mid-County United Ministries

You Can Donate Here!

Mid-County United Ministries is an independent 501c3 non-profit organization registered within the State of Maryland. Gifts to Mid-County United Ministries are tax deductible as allowed by law. Donations can be made via checks, grocery cards, or electronically by using the donation button below. Because we don't have to pay rent, utilities and for internet services, money that we receive is spent almost entirely to benefit our clients.

MUM depends not only on money, but also on volunteers to help with pantry operations, food drives, media and marketing, fundraising, and interpreter's services.

Both organizations and individuals regularly donate non-perishable food to MUM. Without this assistance, some of our neighbors would go hungry.

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and Human Services

The Housing Opportunities Commission

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Jewish Social Services
Bethesda Cares


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Proyecto Salud

The Colesville Volunteer Dental Clinic

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