Happy Holidays: Please Consider a Year-End Donation to MUM

I checked! I started my December 2020 message with this paragraph – “What a year this has been! Most of us are surely glad to see 2020 come to a close, as we say goodbye to a year that has been far from what we expected!” For many of us … and our neighbors most in need … this sentiment still applies!

Our choice pantry at the office remained closed in 2021, but MUM continued to provide individuals and families with needed food through our mobile pantry. This was possible thanks to the generosity of donors and volunteers, Montgomery County Government, and the work of the Montgomery County Food Council. During the pandemic, the Food Council and Montgomery County Government coordinated efforts to provide food where needed throughout the county. Through those efforts, MUM received grants that allowed us to buy food to provide to our neighbors each Sunday.

Based on emergency safeguards put in place by the county, state, and federal governments during the pandemic, MUM received fewer calls for eviction and utility cutoff prevention. When those safeguards are no longer in place, we anticipate significant increases in the need for these services.

As we approach the end of the calendar year, we’re delighted to announce that MUM has been awarded a Carl M. Freeman FACES (Freeman Assists Communities with Extra Support) grant. This $10,000 grant will support MUM in: continuing to provide quality fresh food along with nonperishable options at our mobile pantry; offering more easy-access food options for homeless clients; and expanding prescription medication assistance. MUM is honored and grateful to receive this grant.

Many continue to face real need and MUM continues to seek out resources to support all our ongoing efforts. We appreciate your part in allowing us to continue the work of serving others in our community. Our work depends on your support! It’s easy to “miss” opportunities to help others. We hope that once again during this holiday season you will help MUM to continue its work through your donations. Here’s a reminder of some good reasons to donate before the end of December:

  1. We make it easy! Donate here (link to website donate)
  2. Giving to MUM helps people right here in our community. Neighbors are hungry, and faced with other life challenges, every day. The holidays can be especially tough on those with less. Your donation can help our neighbors in need of food assistance, eviction prevention, utility cutoff prevention and restoration, and prescription drug assistance.
  3. Your December donation can help those with less make it through the winter. As we move into the winter months, we’ll face colder weather and increased utility costs, on top of ongoing pandemic conditions.
  4. Giving is good for you! Scientists say that we are “hardwired” to enjoy helping others. Research also suggests that giving can make us healthier, both physically and mentally. It feels good to be a source of compassion and kindness.

As we wrap up 2021, we want to recognize our outgoing Executive Director, Dewey Reeves, who will leave MUM on December 15 to spend more time with his family. Dewey has led MUM through this complicated year, and we thank him for his many contributions. MUM wishes Dewey and everyone – our clients, volunteers, and generous sponsors, donors, and contributors – a warm, wonderful holiday season full of joy and happiness. Thank you for your year-end contribution that allows us to help our neighbors in need! Happy holidays from all of us at MUM!

MUM Executive Director Dewey Reeves accepts $10,000 Carl M. Freeman FACES grant