Help MUM Maintain its 2020 Vision

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Mid-County United Ministries (MUM) has provided a safety net for the working poor, the disabled, the elderly on fixed incomes, and the unemployed, since 1996. With your help we want to continue that work in 2020 and beyond!

MUM helps people in crisis in the Silver Spring, Wheaton, Kensington, Rockville and Aspen Hill communities (zip codes 20902, 20906, 20895, 20896 and 20853) with food, medicine, eviction prevention and utilities. We emphasize client choice, problem-solving, and self-sufficiency.

Here’s a refresher on what we do … and how you can help!

What MUM Does

Food Assistance. MUM stocks a food pantry and operates a mobile pantry for clients who need food. These pantries supplement clients’ food budgets with nonperishable items and, as of Summer 2019, fresh produce. Clients can receive food once a month, up to 25 pounds per household. Learn more about pantry schedules, and about qualifying and applying for assistance.

Emergency Prescription Drug Assistance. MUM can help clients get needed prescriptions in urgent, short-term situations, and then refer them to community agencies for long-term prescription needs. Find out more about qualifying and applying for help.

Eviction Prevention. With the cooperation of other Montgomery County agencies, and as part of the Emergency Assistance Coalition, MUM provides financial assistance for rent to individuals and families who have suffered temporary financial setbacks. Learn more about qualifying and applying.

Utility Cutoff Prevention and Utility Restoration. MUM can provide financial assistance including seeking additional funding from other public agencies to help those who are struggling to make their utility payments. Find out how to qualify and apply.

Emergency Help Referral. MUM works with other agencies that complement our services by providing additional services to our clients. Learn more about qualifying for a referral.

How You Can Help

Donate Money. Your money directly impacts the lives of people who need it the most. It goes to people who may be your neighbors and those in need in our community.

Donate Time. MUM depends not only on money, but also on volunteers to help with pantry operations, food drives, media and marketing, fundraising, translation and more. Students can earn SSL hours!

Donate Food. Your donation of food ensures that our on-site and mobile pantries remain well stocked. MUM is always happy to receive food donations.

MUM’s goal for 2020 is – with your help and support – to continue and grow our support of our neighbors in need!