Holiday and Year-End Donation Call: Give the Gift of Giving!

Holiday and Year-End Donation Call: Give the Gift of Giving!

At MUM, we understand. It’s the end of the year and every charity and non-profit organization is asking for a holiday and year-end contribution. Here are some good reasons to give to MUM before the end of December:

  1. Charitable Gift Giving – Although we live in a consumption-driven world there are many, especially middle aged and older folks, whose mantra is “Enough Already.” They are decluttering, downsizing, and getting rid of possessions they no longer need, want, or use, and in doing so freeing up their lives. The last thing they want is more “stuff”! Giving to MUM in their name is the perfect gift! MUM will make that happen for you by giving you a special certificate for you to give as your gift.
  2. Need Has No Calendar – Hunger happens every day. Life challenges don’t take off for the holidays. In fact, for those in need the holidays are often harder. Hourly, part time, and hired-help workers–many of whom are MUM clients–often don’t get paid time off when businesses close and services aren’t needed. That loss of income means less money for basics like food at the time of year when holiday parties, dinners, and festivities are happening all around them. The holidays can be especially tough on those with less. Your donation can help bridge that gap.
  3. December Helps January – The weather gets colder and utility costs increase. It is the height of cold and flu season. Illness can be deadly to those who can’t afford vital medications. Your December donation helps those with less make it through the cruelty of winter.
  4. A Gift to Yourself – Studies show that giving to those in need can be more valuable to the giver than the receiver. It is human nature to help others. Media and the internet are full of stories of charity and goodwill like the legendary Secret Santa who gives anonymously to those in need. We feel good when we witness compassion and kindness. We feel even better when we are the source. We feel best when we do it in the season of giving.

Charles Dickens’, A Christmas Carol is a time-tested classic that may be more relevant today than when it was written over 150 years ago. We all know the story and yet we watch it over and over again. We loathe and pity the miserly, miserable, uncaring Ebenezer Scrooge of the first act and we love the happy man of charity, compassion, goodwill he becomes by the end.

At MUM we hope that everyone–our volunteers, our clients, and our generous sponsors, donors, and contributors–has a warm, wonderful holiday season full of joy and happiness. And we sincerely thank you for your consideration and year-end contribution to help us help those with less! Happy holidays from all of us at MUM!

Giving to MUM is easy. Here is how to donate:

Donate securely online by clicking the “Donate Now”.


Mail a check made payable to Mid-County United Ministries to:

Mid-County United Ministries
P.O. Box 1924
Silver Spring, Maryland 20915


Stop By! We invite you to come by our office, meet us, and learn more about how—with your support—we help our neighbors in need:

MUM Office Location

Westfield Wheaton South Building 7th floor
11002 Veirs Mill Road
Silver Spring, Md. 20902
Telephone: 301-929-8675

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