MUM is Seeking New Board of Directors Members!

MUM is Seeking New Board of Directors Members!

Community Engagement – Professional Advancement – Personal Enrichment

MUM is actively seeking new members for our Board of Directors. Joining the MUM board is an opportunity to enhance your life while helping a local non-profit that has been committed to helping those in need in our community for over 20 years. In addition to the personal satisfaction of knowing that you are making a difference in the lives of our most vulnerable and at-risk citizens, here are some of the other benefits from being a board member.

Community Engagement

Being a member of MUM’s Board of Directors brings you deeper into your community. It’s an opportunity to learn about businesses and organizations in your neighborhood that are involved with the greater good for all. By getting to know and understand the kinds of people who rely upon MUM’s services, you will get a better understanding of the diversity and richness of the entire community.

Professional Advancement

Board membership can be quite a career asset. It tells current and prospective employers and colleagues that in addition to showing that you care about the welfare of others, you have leadership and management skills, which are valuable and highly sought in the business world. If you are looking to get that kind of experience, serving on a board—being a part of strategic decisions, taking ownership of plans and initiatives, accountability and responsibility—is a perfect way to gain required experience for upward mobility in the job market.

If you are currently between engagements, looking to reenter the workforce, or looking to advance your career, board membership can be a perfect vehicle to show that you are the right person for the job or promotion. It proves that you can work cooperatively with others as a team player, and that you have the ability to focus on both the details and the big picture to address the needs of the company, colleagues, and clients. Being on the Board of Directors is a prestigious accomplishment to be included on your resume, mentioned in job interviews, and industry networking social events. You never know what kinds of great things it may lead to.

Personal Enrichment

Board membership can enrich your personal life. It is a chance to contribute your professional and life skills and learn new ones by working with others. Serving on a board with like-minded, socially conscious people will enlarge your social circle. You’ll make new friends while giving to those who so desperately need the services that MUM provides. It can bridge differences and spotlight those common beliefs held by those who give of themselves by volunteering.

Is MUM Right for You?

Board members of non-profits often attract older people who are retired. While it is great to have the input, wisdom, and life experience of those who have worked so hard for so long in varied roles in business and industry, the life blood is younger people. By having board members from all walks of life, including younger and older people, MUM gets a balance of experience, fresh ideas, enthusiasm, and energy.

Every bit as important as age, is gender and ethnic diversity. The more diverse the better! MUM’s clients include just about everyone—families with children, single parents, single people, the old and young, and people from all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds. The more MUM’s Board of Directors reflects the diversity of our community, the better!

Because of the geographic and demographic makeup of the areas we serve, many of our clients are members of the Hispanic population. MUM enthusiastically encourages people to apply who are bi-lingual and those who have an inherent understanding of this rich culture and the special challenges they face, which in many ways reflect the commonality of each ethnic groups’ challenges to establish themselves, and build better lives to thrive and contribute as a community.

No Previous Board Experience Needed!

Whether you currently serve on boards, have in the past, or have never been on a board before, MUM is seeking YOU! More important than anything, including experience, is the desire to serve. Perhaps you’ve wondered about serving on a board and have never taken the next step. This is your chance to contribute to an appreciative group of people and the community members that MUM serves.


Board members attend monthly meetings and get involved in MUM’s various activities and programs throughout the year. After you have made your interest known we can arrange a comfortable, informal introduction so you can learn more about MUM including board membership details, our current board members, staff, volunteers, our mission and those we serve. Talk to us, we are a friendly, welcoming bunch!

Next Steps – How to Apply

Contact our Executive Director, Larry White at 301-929-8675. Or contact us online here.

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