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Mid-County United Ministries

MUM Provides Emergency Food and Assistance to People in Crisis

MUM Provides Emergency Food and Assistance to People in Crisis


Help Us Reach Our $27,500 Goal!


MUM Non-Event Fundraiser

Help Us Reach our Goal!

It's our second annual "Non Event" Fundraiser! Last year, you helped us acheive our goal! MUM is asking you to once again, stay home, relax and donate to MUM. Help us reach our 2019 goal of $27,500 by October 26. Donate from the convenience of your home, office, local coffee shopt, park bench or anywhere comfortable for you to take a few minutes to give. No special outfit required!

Your Donation Matters!

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Utility Cutoff Prevention/Restoration

Utility Cutoff Prevention/Restoration

MUM Utility Cutoff Prevention and Utility Restoration Services

The cost of utilities may change based on the season. When we need utilities the most is when the costs may rise. If you need help paying utilities, avoiding cutoffs or getting them restored, MUM can help.

Utility Cutoff Prevention and Utility Restoration

Sometimes people on limited incomes must make hard choices when it comes to paying the rent, buying food for their families, or paying their utility bills. MUM can provide financial assistance including seeking additional funding from other public agencies to help those who are struggling to pay their utility payments.

Qualifications for Utility assistance:

  • Recipients must be Montgomery County residents living in one of these zip codes: 20906, 20902, 20853, 20895 and 20896
  • Proof of residency is required; here are acceptable forms:
    • Driver’s License with current address shown
    • Utility bill in the name of the applicant with their current address shown
  • Proof of income including:
    • Pay stubs
    • Child and/or alimony income
    • Workers compensation
    • Unemployment compensation
    • Pensions
    • Survivors benefits
    • Social Security Income/Social Security Disability Income SSI/SSDI
  • Past due utility bill must be presented
  • Circumstances that created the need must be provided when applying
  • Health and Human Services (HHS) and/or Housing Opportunity Commission (HOC) must be contacted for assistance before applying to MUM for past due bills over $300
    • Health and Human Services Information Line: 240-777-1245
    • Housing Opportunities Commission: 240-627-9400

Note: Financial assistance, for any service, is limited to once every 12 months and three times in a lifetime.

How To Apply

Apply Online (English Only)

Apply securely via our Client Intake Form. The form will be submitted directly to MUM, when completed.

Download Application Form

Download the required form here to speed up the submission and approval process.