MUM Move Update

You may know that MUM has spent the last year in a temporary office space. After nearly 20 years in an office building across from the Wheaton Metro Station, MUM—and other tenants—had to move. We arranged for a new permanent location not far from there, but the new building needed time to be outfitted to accommodate new tenants. As a result, we’ve been temporary digs all of 2017!

Moving Late January

Now we’re thrilled to report that our move to our new permanent location will soon happen! We are scheduled to move in late January. The new location will be Westfield Wheaton South Building 7th floor, 11002 Veirs Mill Road, Silver Spring, Md. 20902, just across from Westfield Wheaton Plaza, which is walking distance from the Wheaton Metro and our previous longtime location. Soon clients, donors, and friends will be able to reach us in a location that is more convenient.

New Location

Our Captain Mattingly Food Pantry will be relocated, and up and running when we open our doors. Clients who were able to get to us in Wheaton will be able to return and get the services and staples they need. Many of our clients depend on public transportation including the Wheaton Metro Station and soon they will once again be able to get to us more easily.

Our new office space will allow us to meet with clients and prospective clients in an area that provides privacy and an atmosphere that encourages a sense of safety and dignity to discuss family and personal matters.

Donors will be able to stop by with their generous donations, and our new location should be convenient to our volunteers old and new to whom Wheaton is a convenient location.

Updates and Save The Date!

We will post updates including the exact date of the move. Also, we will be sending invites to our grand re-opening celebration on Saturday, March 3rd, so put it on your calendar and join us at our new digs! It will be a great opportunity to connect with MUM, our volunteers, fellow members of your community, and there will be refreshments served. And be sure to sign up for our newsletter, like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to receive updates on this event.

The MUM Mobile Food Truck continues to go to specific locations at days and times listed here and will continue to serve clients as it has been doing. There will be no changes to the schedule as a result of the office move.

If you need to stop by or contact us before the move in January, you can do so at our current temporary location. We will be operating there to accept donations and help our clients until the move.

751 Twinbrook Parkway, Rockville, MD 20851 (Temporary Location). Telephone: 301-929-8675.

MUM also has a new mailing address for written correspondence:
Mid-County United Ministries, P.O. Box 1924, Silver Spring, Md. 20915

To learn more about MUM—who we are, what we do, and how you can get involved to help others in your community—a good start is our homepage and don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter, and like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

Thank you for all you do and your support of MUM.

About Steven J. Caplan

Steven J. Caplan is a freelance writer in the Washington, DC area.