MUM Has a New Website!

MUM has a new website

We’ve completely overhauled our website to include:

  • Contemporary look and feel – We now have clearly defined sections to let users know about who we are and what we do, the services we offer and how to apply for them, and what donors can provide including donations and volunteer opportunities
  • Mobile-device friendly – Now our website will be easy to read and use on all popular devices including smartphones and tablets

If you got here from our Facebook page, email or a tweet, you know that we are starting to connect through social media.

How MUM is Changing:

Social Media

MUM has been around for 21 years! In that time we have established a loyal group of donors and volunteers without whom we could not serve our clients who, in spite of their hard work and earnest efforts, sometimes need our help with some very basic needs like food, medicine, housing security, and utility payments.

Now, we look to expand our efforts to meet more people like you. People who care about the welfare of those less fortunate. A modern website is the first step. Increasing our use of social media is the next. That’s the technology, which is only as good as the information it conveys. To that end we want you and everyone we meet to know us better.


This blog is one way to do that, and moving forward we will post articles to let you know about MUM activities—our accomplishments, news, volunteer opportunities, and events—and information about the causes we collectively support .

Meet Our Board of Directors

Another way to know MUM is by getting to know our Board of Directors, which includes smart, committed people who bring their experience in the business world and community life to us. They are great people with great ideas.

Your Part of Our Story

Without you, families—children—sometimes go without food. Without you, children and the elderly, or anyone with medical needs, may go without vital medicine. Without you, sometimes the lights go off and the freezing cold of winter invades when a family just doesn’t have enough money to pay their utility bills. Without you, families who live paycheck to paycheck and may not have the ability to have a financial buffer can face eviction because they are short on their rent.

Your generosity makes you a part of the MUM story. We want you to know what we accomplish together. We hope you will like and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and subscribe to our email newsletter. We want to know what you think. Send us your feedback at

We want to thank Sleeper Technologies Interactive for developing, hosting, and managing our new website. They have worked closely with us to understand our needs and goals and help us turn them into reality. We highly recommend them to anyone who needs a modern website and a rich social media presence.

Thank you,

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